About the Museum

In 1972, Audrey and Al Jehning bought a Mountain View, California, locksmithing business from the O'Neil family, who had started the business in 1952. Along with the business came the O'Neils' extensive collection of antique locks, keys, and locksmithing paraphernalia.

In the first few years, the business and their six children took all of Audrey and Al's attention. But as the children grew up, the Jehnings started traveling the world, bringing home unusual items old and new to add to the collection. For decades, though, only the family saw the fruits of all this labor.

In the late 1990s, the Jehnings purchased Mountain View's historic Ames Building. They set about restoring it to its original glory and providing a home for their long-cherished dream, The Jehning Family Lock Museum of Mountain View.

A Living, Growing Collection
The Jehning Family Lock Museum opened on September 10, 2005. Today you can visit one of Northern California's largest collections of locks and keys - itself under lock and key for more than 30 years! - in its own Museum home. With nearly 1,000 locks and 5,000 keys from around the world, plus more than 20 safes and hundreds of keyrings, the collection continues to grow and change.

Each time you visit the Museum, you might explore a completely different exhibit, from historic local locks and keys, to ancient treasures from near and far, and everything in between. And you'll discover the fascinating and often surprising roles that locks and keys have played in history, story, theater, and daily life.

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